Deconstructing the CCE Report Card

After an exercise of creating fictional scenarios of students with different personalities, strengths, weaknesses and family backgrounds, I created fictional report cards using the sample CCE report card for each of them which would reflect their yearly performance. This helped me in identifying the issues, both in filling the report card as well as the perception it creates about the student’s performance. Based on this experience, I have highlighted problems within the current report card system.

Report Card Analysis-01 Report Card Analysis-02 Report Card Analysis-03 Report Card Analysis-04Apart from the key critical questions being raised about the representation and perception of student performance in the CCE system, these visual design observations would help design a report card that informs students and parents about student performance clearly, without any miscommunication. The focus of the report card should be on aiding the student learning process, therefore there can be no room for any kind of ambiguity in the message that is being sent from the school to the parents. Students also need to take ownership of their learning, and the report card could be a useful tool in that process as well.



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