What is being “reported” in these cards – Ajay Tiwari

As I asked my faculty and peers to recollect their experiences with report cards from their childhood, this e-mail reply from Animation faculty Ajay Tiwari was thought provoking and moving.

I think first of all this term “report card” itself should change … it actually creates categories like “students”, “teachers” and “parents” and as far as I remember my childhood I was merely an in-between the teacher and my parents … the teachers gives you the marks and the parents are the ones who sign on it … (if it was good marks all I got was compliments and if it was bad then I got scolding … the card did nothing apart from this) … it was just about how have I performed in the class and for average and not so intelligent students the report cards used to be a nightmare … so I guess the whole idea of education as well as the “role of students” in their own education is being seen in new light so I wonder what is being “reported” in these cards … what does it say about “the performance” and the marks and the ranks of the students in the class … instead of uniting I find the cards used to do more of categorizing e.g. good students, bad students, passed, failed etc. … it was just about the numbers and nothing else … it was all the same … there was nothing “me” about that report card … sometimes I look back at my own school report cards and it definitely brings wonderful memories of the school 🙂 but how can they also make the “present” wonderful … interesting … something that doesn’t force me to take it “passively” but something that I relate to “actively” … after all it is a culmination of how I had been going through my own education till the time the report card was generated…


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