What Are We Evaluating? Guide Meeting – 1

27th August, 2012.

The first guide meeting with Tarun was more of a project initiation session. We spoke about the education system in general and tried to chalk out a framework of the project. It was important to understand evaluation in context of the present education system as a whole. Are schools today following a model of training or education? What really is the purpose of education? And what role does evaluation play in the entire process?

Tarun also gave me a few books to read, which are mentioned in the Reading List. CBSE has implemented a new evaluation system (CCE – Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) which has been adopted by schools and is facing criticism from across the country. It would be important to find out what went into the devising of the new system, and how this would effect student learning in the long run. The National Curriculum Framework (2005) has a section on Assessment & Evaluation which could provide an understanding of the basis on which the CCE was devised.

We discussed where we could get the most relevant and useful information from and narrowed it down to –

  • Personal Experiences
  • Second Hand Experiences
  • Teachers
  • Academic Administration

It was decided that I would have to take a public school such as Kendriya Vidyalaya, and a school where parents send their children for better education such as DPS, as case studies.

Takeaway from the discussion – Understand and Find Opinions.


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